Measuring Light 2.0: new dimension

Everything in life can take a twist and a turn.

It’s been a year since Measuring Light had become kinda dormant, with the occasional post just for the sake of it. You know what happened, spoke about it here and here before.

But let’s forget this for now, because the script is taking a twist. I’m flipping the narrative and Measuring Light is back and taking a new format, a new dimension.

With the creation of Halftone (, a Macau based photography association from which I’m a founding member and spoke about it here, we are joining forces to create synergies.

In essence, after this 1 year hiatus I am resuming my photography gear reviews. But the contents will be available in Halftone’s website, not here.

Here in Measuring Light you will still get the post entry, the teaser photos and the link that will take you to Halftone, where you will find the full contents of the review.

And this is because, from now on, I will get all the photo gear for review through Halftone, as a result of collaborations with its members and business partners.

So yes, I will no longer need to spend my hard earned cash to get the cameras and lenses to write my reviews. I am getting them through Halftone, and I guess this is an upgrade, this is moving things to the next level.

And what you see here are teaser photos of the upcoming review: the Sony Alpha 7C with the 40mm f/2.5 lens — a mouthwatering combination considered by many prestigious reviewers as the best travel camera.

This baby is owned by a Halftone founding member and is staying with me now.

Took it out for a test drive over the weekend and as of now I can only say positive things about it.

Very positive indeed.

Care to know more? Stay tuned as the full review is under construction and about to be released soon, in what will be the first Measuring Light – Halftone collaboration.


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