Analysis Paralysis

Being a gear head these days means whenever you are into buying something, you always end up spending endless time researching the internet about whatever you are willing to buy.

This is applicable to pretty much everything: a car, a bicycle, a hi-fi system or a camera.

First thing you do is check for available information in the internet, read expert reviews, user reviews, video reviews, whatever review, and compare it to other products.

Your mouth keeps watering every time you look at the photos of the product, and you get into this process of convincing yourself that you need to buy it.


I’ve been contemplating buying a Hasselblad X1D since last year. I read tons of reviews and information about this small and beautiful medium format camera.

I convinced myself it was worth the investment.

Then I started reading rumours of Fuji’s upcoming GFX 50R.

I convinced myself I should wait for Fuji’s launch, then decide depending on its ultimate performance.

Had to wait for several months till the Fuji GFX 50R was finally in the market.

Reviews came out and I had to read everything about it.

I convinced myself of my own due diligence, so that I could legitimately decide on the Hasselblad X1D.

Now that I was finally ready to make the plunge, I read that the Hasselblad X1D has been discontinued.

News about the X1D’s sucessor are spinning out the internet rumour mills, with talks about a “probably-soon-to-be released-but-nobody-really-knows-when” Hasselblad X2D.


I convinced myself I should wait for the Hasselblad X2D instead.

I call this Analysis Paralysis.

I wasted so much time digesting and analysing info about the X1D for a so-called informed decision, but if anything it just stopped me getting what I was passionate about since day 1.


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