My precious gem


Going through my usual Saturday routine, early in the morning I went to the park with my little girl and grabbed a camera on my way out.

It was the turn of my Sony RX1R ii because, I thought, it was some time since I last used this camera. Besides, in my collection the RX1R ii is technically my best camera, the one with the strongest specs. So nothing could go wrong, right?


Something fell odd from the very beginning when I looked through the electronic viewfinder. I took a couple of shots of my little girl posing with her umbrella, but there was really no chemistry. I wasn’t connected.

After those shots, I decided to stop and put the camera in the backpack.

It took me some time to realise what was happening. I was missing my Epson R-D1x. I was missing the mechanical feel, the simplicity, the pureness of my R-D1x.

When you have the privilege of experiencing something unique, everything else just becomes meaningless. 

No other camera in my collection gives me the same experience. So why bother?..

This is the one and only one I want to shoot with. I often sell my cameras to help finance new ones, but I’m sure the Epson R-D1x will stay with me forever. I cannot see myself parting ways with this precious gem.

P.S. to Epson: guys, the R-D1 needs a sucessor. Please.


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