13 de Maio

13 de Maio celebrates the apparition of Our Lady of Fátima in Portugal and every year, in Macau, we honour this day with a 2 hour long procession from São Domingos church to Penha. The event attracts thousands of catholics, from locals to visitors coming from the surrounding countries.

This year my son played a role in the procession, which gave me the opportunity to get a glimpse on the preparations and logistics of the event.


I am by no means a religious person, but I was raised a catholic which I see as an integral part of my cultural background. Therefore, I’m exposing my children to the same experience as part of their education, just as they take science, maths or whatever subject at school.

Faith is a totally different subject though. It’s a very personal and private matter, and I’ll leave it for them to discover the path they want to take when maturity comes.

All photos above taken with my Sony RX1Rii and post-processed to taste.

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