German DNA

It’s been almost a week since I started using the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1 and I’m in the process of collecting my thoughts using this beautifully crafted camera dated 2004.

Still need some time to consolidate my opinion. Yet, as it happens, I thought it would be a good idea to share some photos I captured in the past few days.

These are all RAW files coming out of the LC1, post-processed to taste with full desaturation and a bit of contrast added. Nothing more. You can click for full size and EXIF data.

I know it may sound like a cheap romantic cliché, but some files do look like scanned negatives to me. Perhaps due to the low resolution or the sensor’s luminance noise which results in a grainy texture.

The Leica lens seems brilliant though. It’s extremely sharp and in some occasions the bokeh looks very pleasant indeed. That’s the German DNA in this Japanese built camera.

As of now, all I can say is that the LC1 is a very interesting camera.

One is not supposed to judge its performance based on current 2019 standards – it would be technically inappropriate and unfair.

So… need some time to understand things correctly before I start recording my thoughts on paper.

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