Measuring Light featured in Leica Rumors


I was surprised to see that popular website Leica Rumors ( featured in its Leica Digest #47 a link to Measuring Light’s Leica M-E Review – as of 2018″, published in November last year.

It immediately generated a lot of clicks with Measuring Light hitting an all time single-day record of 1164 views.

While this figure means nothing compared to popular photo sites that may generate 10 times as much traffic a day, I guess this is not bad at all considering Measuring Light is run as a hobby by a one-man-band on a free-time basis.

Measuring Light‘s one and only purpose is to share with the internet community the experience using specific photo gear.

The experience coming from a real world user, from somebody who actually owns and uses the camera gear featured in the website – as opposed to click-bait bloggers and vloggers who offer tech-talk and comments without even using the equipment.

So to think that, in less than a year, many photographers visited Measuring Light and hopefully benefited from reading its contents – it’s quite an achievement for me.

Thank you all for the support.



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