Passing the point of sufficiency

RWorking mentally on my upcoming review of the Fuji GF 50mm f/3.5 lens, I realize I probably have nothing new to say about this lens. I mean, when talking about high quality gear like the Fuji GFX medium format system, you really can take things for granted.

You know in advance this lens is sharp.

You know in advance corner to corner sharpness is there, even wide open.

You know in advance this lens has the resolving power for pixel peeping details.

You know in advance the colours will look excellent.

And, last but not least, you know in advance the lens body has an excellent build.

You know all this in advance – otherwise this wouldn’t be a Fuji GF prime lens.

Passing the point of sufficiency

Digital photography has come a long way. There are no more cheap point & shoot cameras in the market. Those were replaced by smartphones which are pretty good on their own right.


Nowadays photography gear is either enthusiast or pro-oriented. There is still some entry level stuff, but we’ve come to the point that even those follow the highest standards. They may lack the features of their elder siblings, but frequently share the same sensor and image processors. So they are similarly capable of outstanding outputs.

That being the case, whatever camera you pick, chances are it’s more than good enough for what you do. Whatever brand, whatever system, it really doesn’t matter. Because digital photography has developed past the point of sufficiency.

I’m not saying we are at a stagnant point. Technology evolves everyday so there will always be some breakthrough tomorrow that will open the door for a whole new world.

But we had certainly reached a plateau where high quality is plentiful and accessible for most of us.

Then why need a review?

So what shall I write about, apart from the obvious? I can only think of the user experience. 

The feeling you get using specific gear and sharing some tips and tricks after clocking considerable mileage using it in real world.


Because specs are irrelevant at this age of digital photography Рthey are always good.

It’s the user experience that matters now. So this is what I shall write about in the upcoming Fuji GF 50mm f/3.5 review.

And probably everything else that comes after that.



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