Tables turned

We won the battle, but war is yet to finish. We are facing a different risk now, with Covid-19 having spread around the world.

For the time being our lives in Macau are getting back to normal. Over 40 days with no new cases. Government just announced a plan to reopen the schools progressively.

I’m proud and happy that we had become a good example to the world. News in Portugal praising Macau’s successful methods are abundant. As dubbed by a Singaporean politician, we had achieved a “Platinum Standard” handling Covid-19.

So this morning I rewarded myself with a much needed shutter therapy.


As the Chinese saying goes, one needs to take a breath even when hanging himself. It felt good to come out, enjoy the outdoors and the good weather, enjoy the good things my city has to offer.

And doing this all while feeling safe.

But as said, this isn’t over yet. The risk of something happening is different now, perhaps even higher. Hence we need to keep vigilant, keep our guard, keep the discipline. We may have a round 2 and we need to be prepared for the worst.

But one thing is for sure: we have the experience now, we are stronger now.

Tables turned

And this is not (only) about Covid-19 or China no longer being its epicentre. This is about China having sent medical supplies and a team of specialists to Italy. To help them and guide them in this war.

Or teach them, if you wish.

This is also about the Mayor of the city of Oporto, in Portugal, having secured ventilators from Shenzhen. And announcing it in high-profile as some kind of victory and assurance, highlighting the fact that Shenzhen is currently the most advanced SmartCity in the world.

These proceedings may come as a surprise for some people — or most people in Europe —  that were never exposed to China’s profound transformation ever since economic reforms took off, and had no idea whatsoever of the magnitude of changes that took place.

And how these changes had equipped China to become a major player in the global stage.

Some people don’t see it because they just refuse to see it, for reasons I’d rather not present in detail here.

Let’s just say it’s a new world order we are talking about. Forget Western imperialism, Gunboat Diplomacy, Eight Nation Alliance. This is the past. It’s the 21st Century now, things changed. It’s real.

And in the process Western Democracy did not help itself as of late, having produced bizarre distractions like Donald Trump and Brexit.

Tables turned.

It’s just that some mindsets are too narrow to admit this because they were programmed through past education to see China a certain way, with a certain degree of disdain — and thus lack the ability to see things objectively.

I guess it takes a crisis like Covid-19 to finally open their eyes.




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