No news, good news?


What happened to Covid-19?

What happened to the graphics we used to analyse everyday?

What happened to the numbers, the new cases, mortality rates and the likes?

What happened to the breakthrough vaccine news we got at least once a week?

What happened to the wear a mask or not discussion?

What happened to the occasional specialist statements?

What happened to the inflammatory accusations from world leaders towards China?

All of a sudden, spotlights were diverted from Covid-19 to everything concerning the infamous George Floyd incident: protests, riots, statements from opinion makers, black live matters, the latest Donald Trump act.

The truth is, we are all sick and tired of Covid-19 by now.

There is no more refreshing news about Covid-19.

It’s a well-worn topic.


And governments realise the world cannot continue like this.

Economies are falling apart.

We cannot afford to keep the lockdown measures.

Mental sanity is also pushed to the limits.

We’ve already had our share of quarantine punishment and done our due diligence.

There is no such thing as Covid-19 eradication. Just as SARS was never eradicated.

We have to share the world with the virus. We have to live with Covid-19 as is. It’s part of the ecosystem now. Like it or not, get infected or not, herd immunity or not.

We wear our mask, wash our hands, keep the social distance — these things are here to stay.

This is the new normal.

Just like using sunscreen when going to the beach. Or boiling tap water before drinking.

So yes, you didn’t know it and I didn’t know it either.

Our lives got back to normal already. A new normal, not the “normal” normal.

Forget Covid-19. Let’s talk about George Floyd now.



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