Fuji X-Pro3: first impressions

As a result of Gear Acquisition Syndrome… This elegant looking Fujifilm X-Pro3, with the trademark Duratec Silver finish, somehow made its way to my personal collection.


Rather randomly,

on my way home after a hard day of work, I walked into my local camera store. I just wanted to check the black X-Pro3 shown in the vitrine… Just to get a feel of the camera to satisfy my curiosity before heading home.

Rather randomly,

I asked Mr. Salesman: “so, how long ’till we get the silver one? Hard to find, right?”.

Rather randomly,

Mr. Salesman takes something out from under the counter and unboxes a brand new Duratec Silver Fuji X-Pro3 in front of me.

Mr. Salesman, of course, had to add the typical “oh, you know, we ordered back in January and just recently got to receive only two… so yeah, we only got two here now… these beauties are hard to find, yes, not sure when we will get the next batch…”

Rather randomly,

You know what happened next…


First impressions

I’ve owned both X-Pro1 and X-Pro2 in the past and this one is no different in terms of handling, weight and built quality.

In terms of speed and overall operation, it feels very much like the X-Pro2. Of course, you have the hidden screen now — that’s the major difference.

That hidden screen and the small sub-screen showing the film stock box cutout… Puts a smile on my face because it feels so arrogant.


The Duratec Silver is actually not silver. It’s more like champagne gold. And it does not reflect light like normal cameras with a silver surface do, which is worth noting. It will look darker than it really is when not under direct light, especially indoors. In fact, at some point Mr. Salesman was convinced it was Duratec Black.

Take it outdoors or place it under direct light and it shines. Gorgeously.

Much have been said about Duratec being a fingerprint magnet. I think there is a lot of exaggeration on this. Yes, the finish is a bit prone to fingerprints, but it’s really not like what most people say.

Perhaps those comments came before Covid-19 and most reviewers never washed their hands.


I’m obviously going to write a review further down the line, but right now I’m just posting these photos because… Well, this camera is gorgeous, right?

Stay tuned.



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