Celebrating 6 months


Measuring Light started 6 months ago when I was enjoying a break in Thailand with my family. This was not the usual vacation: I was actually in the midst of starting a new job and, while at the poolside enjoying my free time, I thought

“Heck, let’s start this blog about my passion for photography, let’s share my experience using photo gear with whoever that may find my information useful.”

So this is how it started… And Measuring Light satisfies my hunger for writing as well. I’ve always liked to write, several years ago I was a regular columnist in a local Portuguese newspaper. Thus my hands were itchy and I had to do something about it.

Whatever the case, I created Measuring Light and started slowly with my first post on 3rd November 2018 under the tittle “The journey or what this is all about”.

From that point onward I just kept writing whenever I felt I could share something of interest regarding photography. In 6 months I published 35 articles including this one – not bad for a hobby!


Measuring Light is growing slowly. As of today, there are close to 400 regular followers from all over the world. Readers come mostly from the United States, whereas I’m writing from Macau, China. It just shows how the world is connected nowadays.

Since its inception in November 2018, Measuring Light recorded a total of 4830 views from 2957 visitors.

The most visited post so far has been Vintage Digital: Epson R-D1, with a total of 606 views.

Surprisingly, the most consistent post has been the Leica V-Lux Typ 114 review. While not being the most visited post in absolute terms – 393 so far – it gets clicks everyday since it was published back in January.

I know these numbers mean nothing compared to popular sites that get over 10 thousand visitors a day. But I’m not doing this for business, I’m doing this for fun and I don’t have any target numbers.

Still, I can’t hide my satisfaction when I check my stats and see the numbers going up on a daily basis. It’s good to know that people actually read what I write!

Measuring Light is not a camera review site

Nevertheless, you will find the word “review” in my posts because otherwise I won’t get any solid hits in Google search.

I’m not comfortable using the word “review” though. When you have well-established sites like DP Review or Cameralabs – just to name two! – who the heck am I to use the word “review”?..  If anything, I lack the technical competence to perform technical reviews.

But photography is not about MTF charts and the likes. And when discussing camera gear, it’s about building a chemistry, feeling at ease with a camera and finding the motivation to bring it out and start shooting with passion.

I feel a lot of people – including myself – are mostly interested in the details of a camera from a user perspective, and not the boring and useless technical specs. Therefore, I talk about my personal experience using the gear I own.

For this reason I keep saying Measuring Light is not a camera review site.

Moving forward

I don’t have any specific vision for the future of Measuring Light. And this is the beauty of it. Measuring Light will evolve according to whatever path my passion for photography takes me to.

Digital Vintage is a testimony of this open attitude. It was not planned, it happened as a result of an isolated thought and is gaining momentum now – to the point it triggered an unexpected interest on me for digital cameras from days past.

Indeed, it was powerful enough to dethrone my 42 megapixel Sony RX1R II as my everyday camera: in its place now, I’m currently using a 6 megapixel Epson R-D1x from 2005!

From 42 MP to 6 MP… It’s about the fun and the chemistry, not the specs!

Looking forward, I’m not sure what will happen in the next 6 months, the only certain thing being my continuous passion for photography and photo gear.

This is what Measuring Light is all about.








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