The journey or what this is all about

It all started with my father’s Canon AE-1. This was decades ago but my passion for photography persisted till today.

Those were the days of colour slides and negatives. I’d develop my own black and white negatives and spend hours in my improvised toilet black room.

I was in no way a gear aficionado. Yes, every now and then I’d buy photo magazines to check what was happening but that was it. Money was spent buying film and slides anyway.

Then digital arrived. It took me a while to embrace digital though as I found the technology was just not good enough at the turn of the century. Apart from the image quality, what annoyed me the most was the shutter lag in every digital camera I’ve tried in camera stores.

I bought my first digital camera in 2003 – a Pentax Optio point and shoot. That was for casual and social photography, the kind of stuff nowadays we see in Facebook and Instagram ans use our camera phones for. While I enjoyed the immediacy of digital, I was still strongly attached to my Canon EOS 3.

Then the first affordable cropped sensor Canon DSLRs came out and eventually I fully jumped to digital. The rest is history now. I still have my film dinosaurs with me – the Canons AE-1, EOS 3, a Voigtlander Bessa, etc… But I’m definitely done with film – been there, done that.

Now I’m done with DSLRs though because I just started to dislike and even hate the way they look and the image you project of yourself when you carry one. I’ll leave this for another post though.

With the proliferation of digital photography and review sites that started populating the internet, I slowly developed a disease called Gear Acquisition Syndrome. And frankly, if you are here and reading this, then chances are you suffer from this disease as well. You are constantly checking what’s new, what new gear is around the corner to be launched, you check the rumour sites, you know some camera specs by heart.

Things evolved in a way that somehow I feel people are no longer passionate for photography per se. It’s all about photography gear now. Not that I have anything against it – if like me you are not a pro, just a hobbyist, then the gear you use is part of the excitement.

But still I feel things are a bit off balanced now. I find a lot of people discussing detail specs like how many fps or SD card slots, but not much on image quality or, ultimately, photography as an art form.

So I decided to create this blog.

This is not a camera review site

Or at least not a place where you will read the specs, lab tests and similar (boring) stuff.

What you will find here is my experience using the gear I own, the gear I happily buy and sell to fuel my passion for photography because I like to try new things. I have quite a collection now, from Leica M system to Fuji X and Sony full frame…

So, if anything, this blog is about my gear and the way I use it, and also my random post voicing my opinion on photography experience and industry related issues.

If you happen to be researching about some camera or lens I own, I hope you find useful information here.

Cheers and enjoy your photography.




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