Leica M-E in Henqin

Armed with my Leica M-E and the Zeiss Biogon 21mm f/2.8, I headed to Henqin Island for a relaxing walk away from the high urban density, crowded streets of Macau.

The University Campus in Henqin Island is the closest we can get to a countryside escape here in Macau.

It’s rather ironic that, while being part of China – which is one of the world’s largest countries, approximately the size of Europe – Macau is so small and has no space at all. And this is because, well, we somehow decided to create borders within the country.

It’s a long story – the story of the Macau and Hong Kong SARs – that I prefer not to dive into now. If anything, I can end up attracting comments from haters in the current highly sensitive and volatile political atmosphere.

Let’s enjoy photography instead.

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