One Year

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Measuring Light is 1 year-old today and to me it feels like yesterday when I decided to start this blog and share my passion for photography.

In the very beginning I remember having no visitors, and then becoming excited with the average 2 to 3 visitors I was slowly getting every other day. Progressively, traffic started ramping up.

In May, when celebrating Measuring Light’s 6 months existence, I published this post here and documented the following stats: 4830 views from 2957 visitors.

This was 6 months ago. So how are things now?

1 year: and Measuring Light is growing

Well, I’m happy to announce that the numbers are growing exponentially. Since its inception exactly one year ago, Measuring Light recorded a total of 18 037 views from 10 317 visitors – not bad at all considering Measuring Light is a one-man-band and run as a hobby on a free time basis.

September 23 was a milestone with a record single-day all time 1164 views. This, I assume, had to do with Measuring Light being featured in the popular website Leica Rumors. As so, the most visited post became the Leica M-E review: as of 2018 with a total of 2 342 views.

Same as 6 months ago, the most consistent post it’s still the Leica V-Lux Typ 114 review: one-size-fits-all?While not being the most visited post in absolute terms – 1446 so far – it gets clicks everyday since it was published back in January.

All in all, Measuring Light is growing and this makes me happy. It’s good to know that people are reading my stuff and, hopefully, finding it useful.

Measuring Light’s purpose

I’ve said it before and I’m saying it now: the aim of this blog is not to make money. I do this to share my passion for photography, I do this to satisfy my hunger for writing, I do this for fun.

Measuring Light is about sharing and being useful to other photographers when they are looking for specific gear and need real world assessment from somebody who has actually used the camera gear – as opposed to some vlogger who spent only 30 minutes fiddling with the buttons of a camera and then upload a video with a lot of crap.

Measuring Light is not affiliated with any camera brand. I buy gear with my own money, I use my stuff extensively in real-life situations when I travel with my family, when I go out with my kids on weekends, or when I go out by myself and shoot things for the fun of it.

I write about my experience using the gear I own. The good things, the bad things, my tips & tricks to circumvent shortcomings.

I don’t shoot checker boards, graphs, colour palettes or brick walls inside a studio. Scientific approach is useful to assess the quality of camera equipment, I get it, but these are photo cameras, not microscopes to be used on a lab. I believe in photography as an art form.

What’s next?

My way forward is rather simple: go with the flow. I’ll just keep writing and posting whatever comes to my mind. And keep enjoying it as much as I’m enjoying now.

Thank you all for the support over the year!





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